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  1. A hidden tax on Florida's working poor? Tax collectors think so


    Did the state House just impose a new hidden tax on cash-strapped motorists in Florida? No, say lawmakers. Yes, say Florida's elected tax collectors.

    Florida license tags for sale at a county tax collector's office
  2. Church of Scientology takes aim at Clearwater Marine Aquarium after being denied land

    Special Topics

    CLEARWATER — The Church of Scientology has launched a statewide campaign blasting the ethics and financial practices of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, a move that follows the aquarium's recent decision not to sell the church a prized downtown property.

    The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is asking the Pinellas County Commissionfor for $26 million in tourist tax dollars, but the Church of Scientology says the facility doesn't deserve it. The church sent a complaint to local and state officials, alleging the aquarium has a number of financial problems and should be denied the money. Aquarium director David Yates says the church's allegations are unfounded. The aquarium last week sold a prime piece of downtown land to the city, against the church's wishes. [JIM DAMASKE   |   Times]
  3. Hot Wheels, Part 2: The Chase. Cops, teen car thieves and a dangerous game.


    He stole a Mercedes-Benz convertible from a 79-year-old man, then showed off in the driver's seat, mugging for a cell phone video.

    Tyron McKinnon fans cash in front of his face in a photo posted to his Facebook page. [Facebook]

  4. Forecast: Heat, humidity start to spike across Tampa Bay with little chance of much-needed rain


    The heat really begins to return across the Tampa Bay area on Thursday as moisture, streaming in from the south, takes temperatures into the upper 80s and low 90s for the next few days.

    Tampa Bay's 7 day forecast. [WTSP]
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